1999-2001 Abstract

The Business and International Education (BIE) Program in the College of Business at San Francisco State University is designed to meet the needs and purposes of the authorizing statute of the United States Department of Education. The BIE Program consists of four academic and curriculum projects and two international trade outreach projects.

Project One in the academic program addresses the need to internationalize the computer information systems curriculum. Research has shown that information systems faculty have been slow to incorporate current international topics. This is in direct contrast to other fields such as marketing, management, and finance that have made significant strides in integrating international topics in their curricula. Another academic project provides greater opportunities for students to participate in our 28 study abroad universities in 14 countries. A third academic project is to train foreign language faculty to teach an introductory course in international business in their foreign language. These unique courses in international business will reach many non-business majors who normally would not be interested in a course in international business. Moreover, some of these students with multiple language skills may decide to pursue a minor or an MBA in international business. The final academic project develops project-based graduate student consulting opportunities in international business with Bay Area firms.

The International Trade Center, created as a prior BIE Grant initiative, is the primary locus of our international trade projects with the business community in the Bay Area. Our official partner in these activities will be the Bay Area Economic Forum (BAEF). The BAEF was formed in 1988 to bring a regional perspective to economic issues facing the Bay Area and includes leaders in government, business, labor and higher education. They also collaborate with eight major international trade service providers (e.g. World Trade Center of San Francisco). Thus, this partnership provides access to Bay Area firms and export service providers.

The International Trade Center will house two programs to enhance the international trade endeavors of smaller Bay Area firms in the environmental technology and wine production industries. One project involves the creation of a Latin American database of environmental technology firms that would be potential strategic alliance partners with local firms. Prior research has established that the formation of host (foreign) country alliances is the most important success factor in exporting to that country.

The second business community project is designed to assist non- or marginal exporters in the Bay Area wine industry. The first grant year will be devoted to designing and implementing a cohesive applied research program to determine the exporting needs of Napa and Sonoma County wineries. Exporting workshops and educational materials will be presented to smaller wine producing firms who desire export assistance during the second year.