2005-2007 Abstract

The Business and International Education (BIE) Grant Program in the College of Business at San Francisco State University is designed to meet the needs and purposes of the authorizing statute of the United States Department of Education. The BIE Program consists of three academic and curriculum projects and two international trade community outreach projects.

Academic project one focuses on the need to develop a digital collection of high quality, online teaching modules in the area of international business education, which can be adopted and incorporated by faculty into existing courses within both the undergraduate and graduate business curricula. To facilitate this project, a partnership with the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning an Online Teaching (MERLOT) will be developed. The second academic project entails developing new academic curricula to enhance students’ knowledge of cultural characteristics of buyer behavior in the important South Asia and Asia Pacific Region. This project will create three new courses in the undergraduate, MBA and EMBA programs. Further, eight course modules will be developed that will be integrated within five existing College of Business courses, and three courses offered by the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. Project three, the third academic project, involves the development of case studies focusing on the international trade challenges facing small and family owned wineries competing in the global market place. These case studies will generate a solid foundation for providing international trade training and export development workshops and seminars for owners and managers of small and family owned wineries in northern California, as well as for our students in case-oriented strategy and international business courses.

Our official partner in the community outreach projects is the Wine Institute. The first community outreach project will develop a matching program for small wineries to be paired with appropriate specialty distributors and brokers. Californian wine production continues to increase as does its reputation for quality wine. Yet one of the hurdles faced by small wineries in this 45 billion dollar industry is access to consumers overseas. Specialty brokers and distributors represent these wineries in reaching customers overseas. This project, titled Global Wine Match, will create a matching software program for small wineries and distributors/brokers.

The second community outreach project will develop an internationally-focused family winery forum for SFSU’s Family Business Institute. The Family Business Institute at SFSU assists regional family-owned businesses with issues unique to family businesses, such as succession, communication and conflict resolution, and family wealth management. This project will develop a family winery membership forum to facilitate forum gatherings, offer regional workshops for family-owned wineries, produce a quarterly newsletter and resource-rich web page specific to their needs and industry, and hold an annual Family Winery conference.