Welcome to the SFSU "Family Wineries" Project

Family-owned businesses represent over 90% of all U.S. businesses, are responsible for over 49% of the country's GDP, and generate over 78% of America's new jobs. Family-owned wineries constitute a major economic engine in Northern California, despite the fact that most of these wineries are small firms without the resources and management knowledge necessary to compete globally. This project leverages the resources of the SFSU Family Business Center and the Wine Institute to benefit over 900 family-owned wineries in Northern California in their effort to better compete in the international marketplace. The project manifests through the following outreach activities:

  • Family winery seminars, workshops, and roundtable gatherings
  • A membership disscussion forum for family wineries
  • An interactive web site specifically for family wineries
  • A periodic family winery newsletter
  • An annual family winery conference

This project not only enhances the international trade endeavors of California wineries, it also enriches the international business expertise of the SFSU faculty involved in the design and implementation of this project. The "Family Winery Forum" workshops and discussion roundtable sessions provide a means for members to share best practices for exporting, global marketing, and gaining access to global markets.