Research Publications and Presentations

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  1. "An Analysis of Globalization Forces in the Wine Industry: Implications and Recommendations for Wineries" Journal of Global Marketing, Volume 21, Number 1, 2007 (Mahmood Husain, Susan Chollete, Richard Castaldi)
  2. "Determinants of Wine Consumption of U.S. Consumers: An Econometric Analysis", Third International Wine Business Research Conference, Montpellier, July 2006 (Mahmood Hussain, Richard Castaldi, Susan Cholette)
  3. "Analyzing the US Retail Wine Market Using Price and Consumer Segmentation Models", Second International Wine Marketing Symposium, July 2005 (Susan Cholette and Richard Castaldi)
  4. "The Globalization of the Wine Industry: Implications for Old and New World Producers", International Business and Economy Conference, January, 2005 (Richard Castaldi, Susan Cholette and April Frederick). This paper was nominated for the Best Paper of the Conference Award.
  5. "Globalization and the Emergence of New Business Models in the Wine Industry", International Business and Economic Research Journal, Vol. 4, No. 3, 2005 (Richard Castaldi, Susan Cholette and April Frederick).