Business and International Education (BIE) Grant

United States Department of Education

2009-2011 SFSU Business and International Education Grant Highlights

Outreach Success:

The outreach activities of the BIE grant have been able to generate significant interest among small wineries in the Northern California region. Following is a list of wineries who have participated in our presentation on “Managing a Wine Brand Internationally”. Professor Subodh Bhat conducted the presentation in different locations dispersed over several California wine regions. Additional presentations will be made in the near future. Please see the list of wineries who have attended the outreach event.

Professor Baht preparing for a presentationProfessor Baht chatting with an attendee at the presentationProfessor Baht giving a presentation

Curricular and Case Studies Projects:

We are happy to report that the two curricular and one case project are complete. We have been able to accomplish all the proposed goals in these three projects. Professors Cholette and Hussain’s Visit at the University of Insubria: See press release.