IBUS Digital Teaching Modules 

This project in the academic component addresses the need to develop a digital collection of high quality, online teaching modules in the area of international business education, which can be adopted and incorporated by faculty into their existing courses within both the undergraduate and graduate curricula. To facilitate this project, a partnership with the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning an Online Teaching (MERLOT) will be developed. MERLOT (www.merlot.org) is a free access, web-based portal started by the CSU system that maintains an online community of faculty who are collaborating to increase the quantity of high quality, web-based, interactive teaching and learning materials. Building a collection of high quality online teaching and learning modules in international business will be achieved through a rigorous peer review process, utilizing MERLOT’s existing Business Editorial Board.


MERLOT began in 1997 as an academic technology initiative of the California State University (CSU) system, and has since expanded into an international cooperative. The MERLOT website is a “free gateway,” providing open access. A brief history of the genesis and evolution of MERLOT is available at http://taste.merlot.org/howmerlotstarted A unique feature of this project is a rigorous peer review process of online teaching and learning modules in international business, utilizing MERLOT’s Business Discipline Editorial Board. The MERLOT project has a well established process for the peer review of instructional technology, and BIE Project Director, Dr. Ronald E. Purser, already serves as a MERLOT Associate Editor. Currently, over 140 faculty members from institutions in the United States, Canada and Australia are collaborating on MERLOT’s peer review process.

Project Initiatives

Peer reviews of online international business teaching modules will be posted publicly on the MERLOT website, allowing faculty to select and use the highest quality materials within their existing courses. Because MERLOT is a free gateway, this project will not only have direct benefits to SFSU faculty and students, but faculty at any institution in the world could access the International Business modules within MERLOT. Read more about this initiative.

Volunteer to be a Peer Reviewer of IBUS Digital Teaching Modules

The BIE project is currently recruiting faculty from all over the globe to become peer reviewers of online teaching modules located within the MERLOT repository.